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Verne Varona

"Three Can Keep A Secret, If Two Are Dead" is a project that Verne developed based on the true discovery of four Peruvian Inca mummies found at high elevations in the Andes during the period of 1996—1998 that were found in remarkably well-preserved condition, as chronicled in National Geographic Magazine (June, 1996). The films multi-layered themes of secrets, karmic cycles, past and future lives and acts of sacrifice and redemption, are woven into an emotional and visually moving story that is engaging, inspiring and heartfelt.

As a child, Verne was a clothes model for a line represented by famed western couple, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and traveled with them for shows held at premier hotels in NYC. As a teen and young adult, Verne performed in commercial, summer stock, Off-Broadway and later in television as an actor. He studied acting with Lee Strasburg, James Whitmore, Raphael Kelly (former Central School, London) and acclaimed western actor, Strother Martin. He has done voice-over work and also attended Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College, later performing as a solo act Charlie Chaplin character in street and venue theater with an emphasis on acrobatic comedy.

In Los Angeles, during the mid-90s, Verne worked as an Independent feature script consultant for several films, contributing to character development, dialogue and thematic structure. In Los Angeles, among the many screenwriting teachers who influenced him, Verne favors John Truby's school of Scriptwriting; a comprehensive method developed by writer, John Truby, the focuses on conflict, character development and unconventional structure over the standard formulaic three act plot-point template.

In 2006, Verne wrote and directed an eight week shoot and eight-minute promo reel for a controversial medical documentary on disease reversal. This film chronicled disease reversal among native Hawaiian’s with medical monitoring by local physicians. While the film-captured health experiment was enormously successful allowing participants to eliminate medicines they were told would be "impossible" to stop, completion funds became a conflict and the project was halted. Plans for a newer, international version, are currently underway that will be lensed in four countries.

Verne is also the author of: "Never Met A Man I Didn't Like—The Legend of Will Rogers," a screenplay about the life and times of 20th Century icon, Will Rogers. This property was re-optioned in April, 2018  

Verne is also the author of two best selling books on diet and health from publishers, Penguin/Random House Books and Wiley Publications.

Verne's exceptional photography work, featured at numerous art galleries, private collections and in publications, can be seen at: